creative manufacturing.

Here at Kenmore we have a small group of talented and innovative key employees in the manufacturing department. Over the years, we have learned to apply techniques from older machines to modern ones. This allows us to achieve end results that other envelope manufacturers do not have in their wheelhouse.

special effects.

spot uv coating

Spot UV is a printing technique where one can target certain “spots” of the mail piece.  Through this spot UV technique, we are able to make these areas “pop” with a vibrant or shiny aesthetic. This can make the image or text “stand out” above the surrounding areas of the envelope.

cold foil

We’ve all received shiny foil type mail pieces. Cold foil takes this to the next level. We are able to lay foil on the envelope and apply any color or transition desired by your design team. There are no size limitations to this like other foiling methods.

soft touch

Mail pieces are more than what catches the eye. This is a special effect used to apply a soft ‘feel’ to the envelope. This coating is applied inline after all inks have been applied to the envelope. This barrier is fingerprint resistant.


This one speaks for itself.  Whether one is trying to highlight the magic of a snowstorm or the décor on a Christmas cookie, glitter is a great option to highlight these aspects.

scent coating

Want to bring the sense of smell into your mail piece? We’ve got your solution. Scent coating can be applied inline whether you want to smell clean linen or fresh peppermint. We can match nearly any desired scent.

fluorescent ink

This is an opportunity to hit a different component of the visible spectrum. Fluorescent inks absorb UV energy. When transmitted back to the human eye, these inks provide a “glowing” effect.

trailing edge die cut (TED)

Why be square? This is a great opportunity to customize the shape of the envelope. A simple yet effective way to make your mail piece stand out in the mailbox.

texture varnish

Similar to ‘soft touch’. Want to feel the sand beneath your fingertips? We can apply a coating that will bring the image of a white sand beach alive in the palm of your hand.


Want to add dimension? Embossing and debossing are great options. Through the use of plates in the printing process, we are able to add layers to the mail piece in order to highlight certain elements of the envelope.

cutting-edge technology.

Kenmore has an end-to-end processing solution that includes the latest technology providing our clients with the best quality and fastest service. Pictured here is the fastest production press in North America, the K&B Rapida 106. At peak performance it prints and quality checks 20,000 sheets per hour. Our continued investment in newer technology, gets our product out the door faster and helps our clients to meet their mail dates.

frequently asked questions.

How long does the process take, from design to fulfillment?

We offer guidance throughout the process from start to finish, but that doesn’t take long with the talented group at Kenmore. After we receive your art, a PDF proof will typically be provided within 24 hours.  Production takes an average of 5-6 business days after proof approval. Once the job is approved and put into production, jobs on average take 5-6 days from proof approval to finished product. We do our very best to meet the deadline requirements of all of our clients.

Should we use PMS colors or CMYK build?

Both! Printing on our new Raptida or our 6-color press, we can achieve almost any desired color or effect. Our Prepress department and Pressmen work together closely to provide the best possible solution for each of our clients. Whether that’s using a CMKY build, a particular Pantone PMS color, or even requesting a special ink mix, we’ll meet the challenge.

Can we color match?

Yes – Kenmore is G7 certified through Idealliance in Master Facility Color space and Process Control Master Facility. We are calibrated and recertified every quarter. If you have a printed product that needs to be matched, please send it with your artwork.

Kenmore Envelope Company specializes in creating envelopes of all sizes from a variety of paper substrates decorated with specialty coatings, windows and other unique design elements.

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