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We live by the words “speed wins”. Not only do we believe in creating an amazing product, but doing so in a timely manner. When jobs are estimated, we thoroughly check schedules, materials, and project timelines to make sure each job is completed on time. It takes a village, but we get it done!


There’s little we can’t do. From crazy flaps to heavy stock folding (8-10 pt), we guarantee a product that will help you stand out from the competition. Looking for a unique fold? Ask us, and we will figure out how to make it happen!


Our team has multiple checkpoints in each step of the process to eliminate mistakes and headaches. Our color is controlled by State of the art Ergo Tronic Color Control with a built in QualiTronic ICR. From the sales team to the manufacturing floor—nothing slides past us!

thinking outside the envelope.

We’re here to make your designs a reality, which is why we utilize industry-leading technology and skilled workmanship. We offer a variety of folding and converting capabilities to best suit your design needs.

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frequently asked questions.

What size envelopes do you offer?

Our most common is the booklet style (open side, side seam) ranging from 3” x 6.25” to 11.375” x 11.375”; We also offer catalog style (mostly open end, center seam style) ranging from 4.125” x 4.125” to 15” x 12”; We do remittance and bangtail style envelopes as well.

Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes, we will always consider the feasibility of any size and offer our professional expertise on what will work best.

Do you have any specialty fold types?

We offer specialty seal flap designs, side seams, and have Trail and Edge Diecut (TED) dimensional pieces that have been approved by the USPS. These types of envelopes definitely add value to the piece and will not go unnoticed in the mail.

Do you seek USPS approval?

All sizes, shape-cut, etc that are outside of the normal specs are pre-approved by the USPS before production begins.

Can you produce printed envelopes inline?

Yes, we do offer web/inline processes with flexo printing for up to 2-colors in simple designs.

Will you convert printed sheets provided by the customer?

Yes, we can take your printed sheets, cut and convert, as long as the sheet size and layout are pre-approved by our experienced supervisors and prepress operators. We are versatile but do have guidelines to adhere to. No isn’t a word we use often at Kenmore. If you can dream it, we can make it an envelope.
We produce beautiful and innovative envelopes to distinguish businesses from their competition, make an impact, capture attention and build brand awareness and loyalty.

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