more than just an envelope.

Kenmore is the premier leader in litho print and convert envelopes. We are committed to providing a quality product that is driven by our passion for our industry and our people.

innovative technology.

We’ve invested over $12 million in six new pieces of printing and folding technology. Keeping pace with industry best practices assures success and gives our employees the best resources for the job. Kenmore Envelope blends industry-leading technology with American Craftsmanship.

featured special effect: holographic coating.

Also called, Cast and Cure, this decorative process forms a consistent high quality surface that can incorporate ultra-high gloss, matte and holographic finishes. The result is a stunning special effect that is a true attention-grabber.

it’s just our mindset.

We take on the difficult jobs, the ones others say can’t be done. At Kenmore Envelope, our skilled team members and supervisors accept the challenges presented to us by clients—because failure to produce is not an option. Our process allows for some of the most cutting edge special effects in the industry.

Envelope samples of the las vegas sign

join the fold.

The Human Resources team at Kenmore Envelope is always looking for great talent. We're focused on providing our team members with the latest technology and educational opportunities. From Account Management to Machine Operation, if you have a winning attitude and willingness to learn, we’d be excited to interview you.

Two employees elbow bumping

ready to get printing?