Exciting Direct Mail Opportunities in 2022

Exciting Direct Mail Opportunities in 2022

As we look ahead in 2022, it is forecasted by EMA that direct mail will continue its exciting double digit growth. We will also continue to see more personalizations, the usage of QR codes, Cold Foil and more unique applications. We are ready to help our clients stand out in the mailbox!

At Kenmore Envelope, we are committed to focusing on the experience of special effects for our clients and their target audiences. This begins with education! We share samples of cutting-edge designs, as well as the latest and greatest in direct mail, and strategies for success. We also educate our clients on how to utilize the special effects and what stocks perform best with each effect. We get involved early on – in the design stage – to ensure the effect works with the artwork and that the client achieves the desired final result.

With our expertise and wide range of experience in the high-end direct mail industry, we also know what works for many different industries – from banking to automobiles to telecommunications to health care and nonprofits, to name a few. There is a time to use Cold Foil, whether that is one or two colors, or hundreds of colors built out of 4CP. There are also times when flooding the entire envelope in foil works best. The same goes for soft touch coatings, spot or flood UV applications and textured coatings. You dream it and we can advise you and collaborate together to make it happen on the substrate!

You can also customize your piece for your audience. Direct mail is more personal than online interactions and results show people enjoy holding something tangible in their hands that they can feel and connect with. We focus on using unique sizes, stock options, litho printing, special effects and zipper pulls to capture attention, engage interactions and make an impact with a mail piece.

Lastly, our team has the resources to bring your project and message to life! Our direct relationship with domestic mills and merchants, as well as with overseas mills, allows us to have paper readily available, particularly coated stock, which can be challenging to obtain amidst the continued supply chain issues. While most of our competitors use narrow rolls which are harder to obtain, we can use Master rolls or Sheets to accommodate multiple equipment options, which maximizes our production. We have more Flat Sheet Litho capacity than our competitors and a lot of flexibility in regards to Litho Convert, Jet, and Flexo capabilities along with a massive envelope size range from jumbos to smaller envelopes.



Planning ahead and pre-planning your projects months in advance is key in today’s markets. Partner with companies you trust and that can help you achieve your goals! We would love the opportunity to work with you and bring your direct mail piece to life.

Learn more about our company and how we can help your business at: www.kenmore-envelope.com!